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MINERVA (Ministerial Network for valorising activities in digitisation) : the project


MINERVA is a network of Member States' Ministries to discuss, correlate and harmonise activities carried out in digitisation of cultural and scientific content for creating an agreed European common platform, recommendations and guidelines about digitisation, metadata, long-term accessibility and preservation.

Due to the high level of commitment assured by the involvement of EU governments, it aims to co-ordinate national programmes, and its approach is strongly based on the principle of embeddedness in national digitisation activities.

It will also establish contacts with other European countries, international organisations, associations, networks, international and national projects involved in this sector, with a special focus on actions carried out in the DigiCult action of IST. The project will organise an advisory Group, relying on existing actions to identify and integrate best practices in a pan-European framework, to facilitate the adoption of the Lund action plan.

The work plan includes activities to:

  • organise work groups to provide the political and technical framework for improving digitisation activities of cultural and scientific contents, and defining a common platform;
  • facilitate the adoption of the Lund principles, both in EU Member States and other European countries, to amplify the impact of the eEurope initiative;
  • set-up an international Forum, and electronic publication, supporting collaboration on scientific research;
  • make visible, promote and exchange information about National Policy profiles concerning digitisation;
  • identify users' needs, define training schemes and develop recommendations;
  • make available test-beds, defining mechanisms for evaluating models, methodologies, techniques and approaches, aiming at the selection of guidelines for harmonising activities and trying to reach agreement among Member States, on a common basis;
  • implement the benchmarking framework on digitisation, able to compare and improve quality of national approaches and promote best practice across Europe;
  • organise a plenary meeting every six months, hosting also thematic workshops to present and discuss results achieved by the specific work groups;
  • promote concertation events open to both EU and other national projects, to create clusters of projects;
  • promote dissemination and training activities at national level, acquisition of new skills and access to existing resources;
  • identify Road Maps suitable for activities to be launched in the near future, to support Member States in the definition of their policy, through exchange of experience, priorities agenda and work programmes.

The direct involvement of governmental organisations intends to contribute at bringing together a wide network of research centres, cultural organisations and companies interested in digitisation aspects, to co-ordinate their activities in order to advance towards common strategic goals.

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